Landfill Construction – Phase I and II Design, Construction Engineering and Major Permit Amendment, Shenandoah County, Virginia

SCS Engineers was retained to develop construction documents, first for Phase 1, then for Phase 2, for a landfill in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

SCS worked closely with Shenandoah County to evaluate alternate cell configurations – including volume and cost estimates – in order to optimize the size for the first cell. After optimizing the cell size, SCS prepared construction bid documents and provided assistance during the bidding phase.

SCS provided resident engineering and construction quality assurance (CQA) during the construction of Phase 1 and Phase 2. We assisted the county with planning for future cells by computing volume estimates for development and performing closure cost estimating to meet their financial assurance requirements.

landfill constructionThe project’s aspects included:

  • evaluating volume requirements and recommendations
  • preparing construction bid documents
  • bid assistance
  • resident engineering during construction
  • construction CQA
  • Phase 1 & Phase 2 Construction Bid Documents
  • base grading plans
  • liner system plans and details
  • leachate collection and conveyance system
  • access roads
  • erosion and sediment control and storm drainage

Construction Engineering Services

  • attending pre-bid meeting
  • preparation of addenda, bid review & award recommendation
  • reviewing contractor submittals
  • conducting inspection of contractor work progress
  • attending progress meetings
  • inspecting completed work elements
  • clarifying design elements

Cell Closure Engineering

SCS developed a work plan to test, monitor and ultimately certify closure of Cell 8. We provided field observation and testing during clay cap construction by county forces. Tasks included:

  • detail work plan development
  • field and laboratory CQA for testing of previously capped areas
  • construction field observations and testing CQA of remaining cap
  • final closure certification report development

Landfill Gas

SCS performed NSPS Tier 2 LFG sampling, laboratory analysis, and reporting. SCS also has provided consulting services to the County regarding Title V compliance and LFG energy utilization. In 2010, SCS prepared the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule Compliance Report and a Landfill Odor Management Plan for Submission to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.

Major Permit Amendment

SCS prepared a major permit amendment for the Shenandoah County Landfill to increase the side slopes of the landfill from 4H:1V to 3H:1V, which added approximately 1,400,000 cubic yards of airspace and 14 years of useful life to the landfill. The amendment included provisions for leachate recirculation, which involved modeling of future leachate flows as the landfill expands to 35 acres in nine cells.