Landfill Engineering SCS – Full Service in Arkansas

Since 2009 SCS team members have been involved in all aspects of this site. Services include: landfill expansion, hydrogeologic site characterization, site layout, storm water drainage design, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, gas system design, construction drawing development, regulatory negotiations, QA/QC plans, closure and post-closure plans, financial assurance, public hearings, and application preparation.

The NABORS Landfill is located in Baxter County, Arkansas. SCS Aquaterra was instrumental in the closure design of Area 1-2. This portion of the landfill was overfilled and only had intermediate cover at the time NABORS acquired the site. SCS Aquaterra was involved in closure design and regulatory negotiation to reach agreement on how to best achieve closure.

SCS Aquaterra was responsible for designing a horizontal expansion for the site. SCS Aquaterra directed and managed the entire project including regulatory contact, site layout, storm and contact water management structure design, construction phasing, design drawing development, permit modifications, and operations plans. A particular challenge was locating the expansion in a manner that optimized constructability and air space gain. In addition to the new C&D design, SCS Aquaterra designed a cost-effective closure system for the previous C&D area.

SCS Aquaterra produced the construction plans and specifications for Cell Nos. 3 and 4. SCS Aquaterra also provided third party CQA oversight during the construction of both cells.

Full-Service Landfill Engineering Highlights:

  • Landfill Design
  • Landfill Expansion
  • Construction Management
  • Site Characterization
  • Semi-Annual Groundwater
    Monitoring and Reporting