Landfill Gas and LFGE – Toland Road Microturbine Project, Ventura Regional Sanitation District, Santa Paula, California

SCS Engineers design-buildThe project employs one 70-kilowatt Ingersoll-Rand microturbine which is fired on landfill gas with a methane content of 45 percent. The project began commercial operation in August 2004.

The project generates power to satisfy the landfill’s on-site power requirements. Three electric service locations at the landfill were consolidated into a single service location to allow the landfill gas flare station, offices and leachate pumps to be served by the microturbine.

The project is interconnected to Southern California Edison (SCE) for the purpose of securing standby power and for exporting power for sale to SCE.

The project incorporates:

  • One 70 kW microturbine
  • Switchgear and a step-up transformer
  • Consolidation of several electric loads into a single point of service
  • SCS-designed/fabricated landfill gas compression/conditioning skid, with the microturbine integrated into the shop-fabricated skid
  • SCS-designed/fabricated SCADA system which allows remote monitoring and operation of the facility from any location using a personal computer

SCS was responsible for detailed design, procurement, construction and startup. Total plant capacity was at the time when SCS Energy’s involvement ended. The site has since been upgraded to nine 250 kW Microturbines and is currently operating.

SCS Engineers’ responsibilities:

  • Grantsmanship
  • Power Sales Agreement
  • Environmental Permits
  • Interconnection Application
  • Detailed Design
  • Microturbine Procurement
  • Construction QA/QC
  • Construction
  • Plant Startup
  • SCADA System