Landfill Services – Fresh Kills Landfill Engineering and Design Services, Section 1/9 Closure, Staten Island, New York

SCS Engineers - Fresh Kills LandfillThe City of New York Department of Sanitation (DSNY) retained SCS Engineers in 2013 to provide comprehensive engineering and design services for the closure of Section 1/9 and related activities at Fresh Kills Landfill, Staten Island, New York, including construction services during the construction of the closure. SCS is coordinating with various divisions within DSNY and other DSNY consultants to provide the proper organization of all tasks necessary to complete the engineering and design services of the closure of Section 1/9. The Final Cover Design Documents are complete and a contractor is expected to start construction work in 2016. The construction project is expected to finish in 2021.

The scope of services includes the following:

  • All necessary services for the engineering and design for the final closure of Section 1/9 and related activities. Services will include:
    • The review, evaluation and/or modifications to existing technical reports, permits, etc., provided by the DSNY.
    • Preparation of design reports.
    • Preparation of permit application/approvals.
    • Preparation of construction bid documents.
    • Preparation of sequencing plans for multiple construction years.
    • Design services during construction.
    • Other additional design engineering services that may be required.
  •  Project management and administration in connection with the engineering and design services.
  • All necessary services for preparation of post closure care inspection plans.
  • Update of Fresh Kills Closure Plans, based on As-built and End Use Plans, and other related services.
  • All necessary services for the review of End Use Plans at various sections of the closed portions of the Fresh Kills Landfill.