Limited Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

St. Petersburg, Florida

During a Phase I ESA investigation for a large commercial real estate developer, SCS discovered recognized environmental conditions (RECs) in association with past site uses and surrounding property uses. SCS recommended a Limited Phase II ESA to determine if the site’s groundwater had been affected by these RECs.

SCS collected groundwater samples from areas possibly impacted by dry cleaning solvents and/or petroleum products. Affected groundwater and oily soil were discovered in a portion of the site that was previously used as a laundromat.

Isopropylbenzene and naphthalene were detected at concentrations exceeding groundwater cleanup target levels (GCTLs). Benzene and vinyl chloride exceeded their primary drinking water standards (PDWSs).

Based on the findings in the Limited Phase II ESA, SCS recommended performing an additional Limited Phase II ESA to horizontally and vertically delineate the impacted groundwater area.

SCS collected groundwater samples from locations placed along the site’s boundaries and other areas necessary to delineate the impacted groundwater. Additionally, soil samples were collected from soil containing free phase oil.

Following the completion of the Limited Phase II ESAs, SCS designed and implemented an air sparge and multiphase extraction (AS/MPE) remediation system to bring concentrations of the contaminants of concern below their regulatory standards. The site was issued a Site Rehabilitation Completion Order (SRCO) in just under 6 months.