MRFs and Transfer Stations – Design of Transfer Station and Materials Handling Facility, Ocean City, Maryland

SCS Engineers provided plans and conceptual level engineering drawings for the renovation of an existing 400-tpd solid waste transfer station and materials handling facility in a resort area with high-end real estate.MRFs and Transfer Stations

This facility sits adjacent to a planned $400 million residential townhouse development. The developer was particularly concerned with odor, noise, dust and visual control issues. Added to these design challenges were space limitations, as less than three acres were available for the desired expansion of the recycling processing area, a state-mandated helioport on site, new truck scales that would be shared with another department, and a winter-only construction schedule.

Conceptual Level Drawings

SCS Engineers provided drawings of a closed landfill transfer facility to load yard waste into open top transfer trailers at a half-acre site. The facility was located at the edge of the landfill to take advantage of available slopes. The amount of ramp that had to be constructed was minimized and the design minimized the amount of landfilled waste that would be disturbed to avoid cost and environmental issues.


SCS Engineers, as the prime consultant, designed the improvements to the existing facility, beginning with complete enclosure under roof of all transfer and recycling operations. This included all tipping areas, processing and vehicle loading. A two-story structure was proposed for waste transfer, designed on piles, so as to allow open-top loading through floor pits. Traffic flow for the site was completely revised to minimize backing and blind-side turns.

Further improvements included expansion of the original tipping floor for conversion to recyclables processing, material storage and traffic flow. Truck scales were proposed, as well as new office spaces, work areas for personnel (e.g., locker rooms), parking and landscaping on the side facing the new residential development. A façade was designed and constructed to shield the real estate development directly across the channel.

Comply, Permit, Construction Oversight

Stormwater drainage improvements were configured with allowances for significant dust and odor control systems. SCS prepared an engineering cost estimate for the construction and construction monitoring efforts and successfully permitted the operation meeting strict regulatory compliance in Maryland.