MRFs and Transfer Stations – New Transfer Station Construction, Reichs Ford Landfill, Frederick County, Maryland

MRFs and Transfer StationsSCS Engineers provided design engineering and related environmental assistance for the new Solid Waste Transfer Station and Processing Facility constructed at the existing Reichs Ford Road Landfill. Our work included solid waste planning, site and building permitting, engineering design, cost estimating and construction monitoring.

Design and Construction responsibilities included:

  • Construction of a new 46,100-ft2 transfer station to accommodate up to 2,000 tons per day of municipal solid waste and construction and demolition debris
  • Addition of new scales and bypass lanes to the existing scale house facility and other modifications to automate the operations of the facility
  • Design of a new combined citizen’s drop-off center and recycling center to help divert public traffic away from the transfer station during high commercial traffic times
  • New road design over and around the existing landfill to access the transfer station site
  • Making various upgrades to the facility with regard to lighting, pavement, landscaping and stormwater management by using biofiltration ponds
  • Preparation of construction bid documents
  • Provided construction engineering support
  • Provided daily construction oversight and acted as Owner Representative