MRFs and Transfer Stations – Zion Crossroads Recycling Center, Fluvanna County, Virginia

SCS Engineers provides design engineering, permitting and related environmental assistance for the new Zion Crossroads Recycling Center, a construction and demolition (C&D) debris recycling facility. This ongoing work includes permitting-related work (zoning, local site permitting, Virginia permit-by-rule application and inspections, facility design, Virginia DEQ air permitting and VPDES permitting).

The facility design of this new C&D recycling facility includes:MRFs and Transfer Stations

  • Relocation and reuse of an existing building for use as a dirty MRF and reuse and reconditioning of the existing office for use as an office and scale house
  • New 60,500-ft2 building to provide tipping, sorting and processing of construction and demolition debris. The system utilizes a combination of automated and manned sorting to remove the different materials from the waste stream
  • New maintenance shop, heated by used oil
  • New fuel storage tanks and fueling station for site machinery
  • New above ground storage tank with associated pump building to provide necessary fire protection for the facility
  • New citizen’s drop-off center for household recyclables
  • Evaluation, permitting and design modifications to the existing earthen dam to accommodate new traffic flows around the site
  • Making various upgrades to the site with regard to lighting, pavement, landscaping, storm water management and wetlands delineation