NSPS/NESHAP Compliance – Comprehensive Air Quality, LFG and GHG Services, Waste Management Landfills, California

SCS Engineers has provided comprehensive air quality, landfill gas (LFG) and greenhouse gas (GHG) services for Waste Management’s landfills throughout California. These services have included:

  • NSPS and NESHAPs compliance evaluations for landfills, engines turbines, painting operations, etc.
  • Title V, NSPS, and NESHAPs (SSM) periodic compliance reports.
  • Preparation of AB 32 mandatory GHG reports for regulated landfills.
  • Assistance in compliance with the EPA GHG mandatory reporting rule.
  • Development of a comprehensive GHG inventory tool, which includes a module for GHG emission estimates under the EPA GHG reporting rule.
  • Evaluation of applicability and compliance status with the upcoming AB 32 landfill methane rule.
  • Preparation of annual GHG inventories for California landfills for inclusion in reports to CCAR.
  • Regulatory advocacy on air, GHG, and LFG issues with various air districts, CARB and CIWMB.
  • Air permitting and compliance for landfills and landfill equipment.
  • Assistance in development of GHG and emission credit projects.
  • California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) air, GHG and risk assessment analyses for landfill expansions.
  • LFG Master Plans, LFG system due diligence assessments and construction management.
  • O&M of LFG and leachate systems.
  • Well field expansion design and probe design and installation.
  • Flare and header design/build.