Organics Management – Construction of Organics Recycling Bio-array in California

anaerobic composter
SCS Engineers supported the air permitting, design, and construction of anaerobic composter and biogas collection in 2011.

SCS Engineers assisted a confidential client  with the design, construction and air permitting of the processing, the recycling of organic wastes and the capture of biogas for use in energy production. The facility is a lined cell that uses anaerobic composter technology within a sealed environment. The system takes advantage of existing leachate management and gas to energy infrastructure for batch treatment of organics that may include yard waste, wood chips, oil and grease, plus  food waste.

The SCS scope of work included the following:

  • Design and permitting.
  • Excavation of the six pods, 90-feet long x 50-feet wide, with sides sloping toward the center (11-feet deep) and excavation of 1 Biofilter, 50-feet long x 25-feet wide.
  • Installation 1,250 linear feet of 2-inch Sch 80 PVC pipe below grade.
  • Installation of 3,000 linear feet of 4-inch DR 17 HDPE above grade air injection & odor collection.
  • Installation of 1,250 linear feet of 6-inch Sch 80 PVC pipe below grade.
  • Installation of 600 linear feet of 8-inch PVC and HDPE pipe.
  • Installation of 300 linear feet of 10-inch HDPE riser for the sidesloper pump.
  • Installation of sidesloper pumps.
  • Installation of 5000-gallon HDPE tank.
  • Installation of 6 valves boxes and HDPE pipe penetration wall.
  • Installation of equipment skid with 3 blowers, 2 condensate knockouts, and controls.