Professional Solid Waste Collection Services City of Oklahoma City, OK

The Oklahoma City Environmental Assistance Trust (OCEAT) retained SCS Engineers (SCS) to provide professional solid waste services to evaluate Oklahoma City’s residential solid waste collection system, provide recommendations for future changes in services provided, and prepare request for proposals for new residential collection and fleet maintenance contracts, and possible siting, design, and operation of a new transfer station.

Residential solid waste and bulk trash collection is performed by a blend of City and private contractor crews. The City oversees all residential and some commercial collection activities to customers located in either “urban” or “rural” geographic service areas, called “districts.” City crews provide urban services to approximately 74,000 customers (40%), not including recycling. The contractor provides all urban services to approximately 100,000 customers (60%). The urban area customers collected by City crews also receive recycling services provided by the same private contractor. In total, approximately 173,000 customers in the urban districts are provided recycling services. Approximately 16,000 customers are provided rural solid waste services by the private contractor.

SCS evaluated the distribution of routes between the City and the private hauling contractor and make recommendations on how the routes can be reconfigured and reassigned to more efficiently use the City’s collection fleet and personnel. SCS also evaluated the option of constructing a new transfer station to minimize transportation costs and reduce operation and maintenance costs of its vehicles. A pro forma financial model was prepared to allow the City to evaluate various “what if” scenarios with respect to the various service level options that were being considered. SCS completed benchmark studies of similar sized cities regarding their respective solid waste collection systems.

SCS prepared the RFP and has assisted OCEAT during the procurement process and contract negotiations for the new solid waste collection contract, which will service over 196,000 households. The contract was initiated in September 2016. SCS assisted in a similar manner on the new Fleet Maintenance request for proposal.

SCS Services Delivered:

  • Data Review
  • Benchmarking Study
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Pro Forma Model
  • Transfer Station Analysis
  • Collection, Transfer Station, and Fleet Maintenance Procurement
  • Public Information Survey