PSM | RMP Compliance for Retailer

SCS Tracer Environmental, a division of SCS Engineers, has worked with a large retail

establishment for almost 20 years.  Our client utilizes 12 ammonia-refrigerated warehouses throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada to safeguard storage of cold or frozen products sold at their retail locations. SCS has safeguarded compliance with these federal and state regulatory policies:

  • EPA’s Risk Management Program (40 CFR Part 68)

    Chilled storage facilities requiring PSM | RMP compliance.
    Chilled storage facilities requiring PSM | RMP compliance.
  • OSHA’s Process Safety Management Program (29 CFR 1910.119)
  • California Accidental Release Prevention (CalARP) Program Level 3

SCS conducts compliance responsibilities at each storage location. Our support includes:

  • PSM / RMP Three Year Compliance Audits
  • Annual SOP and Program Implementation Reviews
  • Process Hazard Analysis Five-Year Revalidations
  • EPA RMP Five-Year Re-submittals
  • Various Management of Change Projects
  • Assistance during OSHA / EPA Inspections (On-site, appeals, follow-up)
  • Mechanical Integrity Inspections

In addition to straight-forward PSM / RMP projects for retail and cold storage facilities, SCS assists  with general refrigeration best management practices such as Department of Homeland Security CSAT submittals.