Rate Studies – Operations and Financial System Analysis, Dunedin, Florida

The City of Dunedin currently provides residential and commercial waste collection services for approximately 12,900 and 500 customers, respectively. Residential curbside collection of municipal solid waste is provided using automated and semi-automated collection trucks and individual 96-gallon wheeled containers.

The report details analysis, findings and recommendations concerning operations and refuse collection rates by the City of Dunedin. A rate model was developed, which enabled our team to make projections of financial performance of refuse collection for the upcoming planning period (2005-2015) and model various user-rate structures to help plan for future solid waste fleet replacements.

The study included:

  • operations assessment of the pilot recycling program
  • cost saving and revenue enhancement opportunities
  • long-term costs of waste disposal

In 2013, SCS was re-selected by Dunedin to revise its rate model to evaluate conditions existing in the City since 2006. SCS is currently working on making changes to its model and evaluating the potential for transitioning to once a week automated collection of residential refuse and equipping new trucks for compressed natural gas. To benchmark the City’s rates and levels of service, SCS is undertaking a statewide questionnaire using Survey Monkey.