Remediation: Soil Development Oversite for Avalon Trails


avalon trails in delray beach13th Floor Investments contacted SCS Engineers to asses and remediate approximately 66 acres of land located in Delray Beach Florida formerly known as Marina Lakes Golf Course, and historically operated as agricultural land.

Environmental Challenge

Due to the historic application of legally applied pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers used in the maintenance of crops and golf course activities, remnants of arsenic and organochlorine pesticides require soil management efforts during site redevelopment into a 55 year and older residential community.

Based on residential age usage, SCS presented and was subsequently approved by the Florida Department of Environmental Department to apply Alternative Soil Cleanup Target Levels (ASCTLs) of 8.6 mg/mg and 4.4 mg/kg for arsenic across the site.

Outcome and Benefits

To achieve the ASCTLs, soil blending techniques are being implemented to blend down residual surficial soil concentrations commonly affected by legal applications. Prior to redevelopment, SCS conducted several pilot test studies to demonstrate that proposed soil blending techniques would effectively reduce arsenic concentrations below the applicable ASCTLs.

The site will ultimately be restricted via non-conventional means whereas lasting Home Owner Association care will prevent residents from handling or maintaining soil and standard groundwater restrictions will prevent the usage of onsite groundwater for personal use.

Specific site development characteristics such as the creation of deep, boundary surrounding lakes will limit further impacted groundwater migration to site boundaries. SCS also implemented GIS for field data collection and analysis using ArcGIS Collector and ArcGIS Online applications to asses and remediate the land.

Services included:

  • Alternative Soil Cleanup Target Levels – ASCTLs
  • Pilot Test Studies
  • GIS Field Data Collection and Analysis

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