SCS Energy: Digester Gas to RNG Design-Build in Iowa

AgPower Jerome RNG Plant

SCS is designing and constructing a 1,400 scfm DG-to-RNG plant in Jerome, Idaho. The RNG plant will employ the following technologies:

  • DG booster blower skid, with an air-to-DG cooler to increase DG pressure to 5.0 psig. Standby blower provided;
  • DMT Sulfurex BR system for H2S removal;
  • Sulfur removal media vessel with Darco media. Provides polishing of gas from the DMT Sulfurex BR system (see below);
  • Chiller skid to reduce both the low and high-pressure DG temperature to 50º F, followed by moisture separation;
  • Two 50 percent capacity flooded-screw type compressors to increase the DG pressure from 3.0 psig to 205 psig, followed by a common air-to-DG cooler to reduce the DG temperature to 10º F above ambient temperature;
  • High-pressure DG chilling with moisture separation;
  • Carbon vessel for gas polishing before entering the Air Liquide membrane skid;
  • Air Liquide membrane skid system to affect 96.3 percent CH4 recovery and to reduce the product gas to 0.1 percent CO2; and
  • A product gas compressor to increase Air Liquide gas pressure from 140 psig to 675 psig.