SCS Energy: LFG to Pipeline RNG Plant in Texas

Skyline RNG Project

SCS is designing a 5,000 scfm inlet capacity LFG-to-pipeline renewable natural gas (RNG) plant, located at the Skyline Landfill in Ferris, Texas. SCS will also provide assistance in equipment procurement and construction oversight. The product gas capacity is 3,300 MMBtu/day. The RNG plant will come online in 2019 employing the following technologies:

  • Booster blowers;
  • Non-regenerative media H2S removal;
  • LFG refrigeration;
  • LFG compression with flooded-screw compression;
  • Membranes for CO2 removal;
  • PSA for N2 removal;
  • TOX; and
  • Product gas compressor (700 psig).