Solid Waste Planning – AB 939 Services, Lakewood, California

scs engineers recycling ab 939
SCS assisted in organizing an electronics recycling collection for Lakewood.

SCS Engineers prepared a Waste Generation Study for the City of Lakewood in support of establishing a new base-year. Data from business audits and ongoing diversion activities were used to establish this new base-year.

As a result of the initial project, SCS has been retained by Lakewood to provide ongoing AB 939 support services, such as:

  • on-site recycling coordinator
  • public education and outreach
  • business and restaurant waste audits and technical assistance
  • green waste drop-off program
  • electronics recycling collection events
  • disposal and diversion report review and analysis
  • annual report preparation
  • management of state-funded grant programs
  • other program planning and implementation activities
  • special event and public venue recycling
  • stormwater compliance services