Solid Waste Planning – Candlestick Park SWMP, San Francisco, California

SCS Engineers waste planning
SCS assisted Candlestick Park and the 49ers football organization with a number of solid waste management tasks.

When the San Francisco 49ers football organization still called Candlestick Park home, SCS Engineers was retained to assist the organization in applying for and receiving a solid waste management grant. SCS used the funding to implement of a number of solid waste management tasks, such as:

  • waste management characterization study
  • organizing and leading recycling planning meetings with the City and County of San Francisco, the 49ers’ management, contracted food services and contracted cleaning services
  • designing and implementing a comprehensive recycling program for football games and special events
  • selecting recycling equipment
  • creating a diversion database
  • recycling education and training of in house and contracted staff
  • cesigning a recycling incentive program for event attendees