Solid Waste Planning – Management Plan, Lee’s Summit, Missouri

SCS Engineers solid waste planning
As part of our assessment, SCS evaluated costs for various centers, like the Mid-County Convenience Center.

SCS Engineers was hired to develop a Solid Waste Management Plan in anticipation of the 2014 closure of the landfill for the city of Lee’s Summit.

To explore behaviors about waste disposal and recycling among residents and businesses, the City commissioned a survey. SCS developed a survey questionnaire, which focused on five major areas of investigation:

  • curbside trash collection
  • the City’s landfill
  • recycling services
  • public information
  • potential program areas

The survey was mailed to 3,000 randomly selected addresses within the City. The survey results were used in developing the final recommendations presented in the plan.

To further involve its citizens, the City formed the Solid Waste Management Task Force to serve as a means for public and business representatives to participate in the planning process. SCS met monthly with the task force to educate members on solid waste issues, discuss management strategies and reach final consensus on the recommendations to be put forth in the plan.

In developing the plan, SCS reviewed the City’s existing waste management programs, evaluated options to reduce the amount of waste requiring disposal, and evaluated long-term strategies for disposal of waste after closure of the City’s landfill, such as construction of a transfer station and construction of a new landfill.

One focus of the plan was to gain a better understanding of construction and demolition debris currently sent to the landfill for disposal. SCS conducted a study to characterize this waste stream. Approximately fifty loads of construction and demolition debris were visually sorted into several material categories. Various options also were evaluated in the planning process for reduction and recycling of construction and demolition debris.