Solid Waste Planning – Recycling Program Implementation, Alameda County, California

SCS Engineers waste reduction
SCS implemented a waste reduction and recycling program at a swap meet in Alameda County.

The Alameda County Waste Management Authority (ACWMA) hired SCS Engineers to implement waste reduction and recycling programs at a farmers market and a swap meet.

These two events were selected because each occurs multiple times per month within each jurisdiction (fourteen cities and two sanitary districts), and the recycling program design can be easily emulated.

SCS assisted the event planners and ACWMA staff in reducing waste and increasing diversion at the two events and collected and tracked data from the events for use in the AB 2176 report. SCS also provided additional recommendations to the Best Practices Guide for Special Events. Information in the guide included an introduction to recycling and AB 2176, planning checklist, questions to ask haulers and a post-event recycling worksheet to be submitted post-event to the local jurisdiction. The ACWMA local jurisdictions, event planners, food service providers and venues will make use of the guide.