Solid Waste Planning – SWMP Update, Kittitas County, Washington

SCS Engineers was retained to complete the preparation of Kittitas County’s solid waste management plan (SWMP). The purpose of the plan is to comply with a state-mandated update schedule, and to review prior initiatives and develop new goals. An important aspect of this project was participation and involvement of the local SWAC, which represented a broad diversity of geographic and community interests.

Throughout the project, SCS utilized the monthly SWAC meetings to facilitate the plan review and development. At each meeting, SCS would present specific aspects of the project – such as reviewing methodology or solid waste management alternatives – and solicit input from SWAC members on these topics. During the month following the meeting, SCS would forward to the County and SWAC members updated information for discussion at the next meeting.

This process was most effective in keeping the SWAC members involved in the project, as well as keeping the project moving forward. It ensures that at the end of the process, the SWAC members are satisfied with the outcome and are able to present the report for review and approval by their city or town.