Stormwater Management – Remedial Investigation and Post-Closure Improvements, Abingdon Landfill, Harford County, Maryland

SCS Engineers stormwaterSCS Engineers has provided a broad spectrum of services for Abingdon Landfill. These have included environmental investigation, design of post-closure improvements, closure of landfill and construction quality assurance services. The inactive landfill is located less than 1,000 feet from the Chesapeake Bay.

This multi-phase project included:

  • Pre-design (remedial) investigation
  • Design of closure improvements
  • Earthwork and grading
  • Construction phase engineering
  • Community relations assistance

The pre-design investigation included a multi-media evaluation of the landfill’s impacts on the surrounding environment. Planning documents included a Health & Safety Plan and an integrated Sampling & Analysis/Quality Assurance Plan.

Field Investigations

  • Monitoring installation of nine (9) wells
  • Collection and analysis of two (2) rounds of groundwater, surface water, sediment and leachate samples
  • Landfill gas production/migration investigation
  • Aerial photography
  • Surveying and preparation of a topographic map
  • Wetlands delineation in accordance with Corps of Engineers requirements
  • Test-pit survey to delineate the edge of waste and existing cover thickness
  • Geotechnical investigation of the existing cover


The results of the pre-design investigation were used to evaluate the existing cover and improvements needed to minimize impacts on the environment and to allow portions of the landfill to be utilized by various Department of Public Works activities (e.g., sewer and water, transportation, etc.). SCS identified and evaluated various cover improvement options, and prepared plans and specifications for the selected alternative. The design plans addressed grading, stormwater management, landfill gas (LFG) management, erosion and sediment control.

SCS provided the landfill closure earthwork/grading and construction engineering services. Other activities included public relations assistance, including preparation of project summary reports and audio-visual materials used at public meetings.