California’s Industrial General Permit – Stormwater Seminar Presentation and Resources

Presentation materials and a list of businesses that must comply with the stormwater permit are located here for your convenience. The businesses are listed by the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) number listed in the Standard Industrial Classification Manual which is published by the Office of Management and Budget.

california industrial general permit

This seminar took place on March 1, 2016, in Southern California.

The presentation answers these basic questions:

  • Who needs to comply?
  • How and what to file
  • Can I get out of the permit?
  • Are there value creation opportunities to minimize cost and still comply with the permit?
  • Can I be fined? How Much?
  • Will Environmental Non-Government Organizations target my business for lawsuits?
  • If I am a tenant, what is my liability to a property owner and what steps should I take to protect myself?
  • If I am a property owner, am I liable? What steps should I take during a purchase or lease to protect myself and inform my tenants of their legal obligations?


Panel of Experts:

Bill Fischbeck, Esq., and the moderator is an attorney in East San Diego County since 1976, Bill’s practice is concentrated in real estate, including transactions and dispute analysis as well as land use matters before public agencies throughout the County.

Cory Jones, P.E., ToR, QSIP, is a stormwater program manager at SCS Engineers. Jones manages complex projects for private and public clients that include site/civil, water/wastewater and stormwater engineering. He has completed a wide variety of special studies in storm water management and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) compliance for federal, state and municipal public agencies.

Stephen Marsh, Esq., a Senior Counsel with the Environment and Natural Resources group. Mr. Marsh specializes in insurance coverage counseling and litigation related to environmental claims; stormwater compliance; Brownfields redevelopment; climate change issues; and advising businesses and property owners on these and related issues.




Still uncertain? Contact Cory Jones at SCS Engineers or any of our offices in California.


Additional stormwater resources, project case studies, and articles.