Landfill Gas Operations, Monitoring, and Maintenance

landfill gas plantNational Expert: Galen Petoyan


The SCS Field Services division of SCS Engineers provides Operations, Monitoring, and Maintenance (OM&M) as turnkey services for a wide variety of municipal solid waste landfill and landfill gas (LFG) projects. In response to the demands of an expanding environmental market, SCS provides remediation services to address hazardous substances contamination. And our teams address black goo in landfill systems.

SCS combines high-level technical engineering services with practical hands-on construction and operations expertise, including compliance data management, a combination not typically available from other environmental engineering construction firms. This unique combination allows SCS Engineers to provide you with cost-effective solutions to environmental challenges.

SCS currently operates and/or maintains nine power plants and five gas plants, providing expert-level support and overseeing the entire range of component systems:

  • Air-injection systems
  • Blower/flare station and plant operations
  • Database management and geospatial mapping
  • Field compliance audits and data validation
  • Gas recovery, transmission and utilization facilities
  • Groundwater pump and treat systems
  • Health and safety training, monitoring, compliance
  • Leachate/condensate management
  • NSPS/GHG compliance and regulatory reporting
  • Odor, migration, and surface emission control
  • On-call services 24/7
  • Post-closure care
  • Repair-source testing and air quality reporting
  • Surface emission monitoring

SCS OM&M provides start-up and on-going operation and maintenance services for LFG recovery, including:

  • Start-up, balancing, and adjustment of recovery wells
  • Maintenance and repair of recovery wells, appurtenant valving and metering, header lines, condensation drains, access manholes, etc.
  • Replacement of recovery wells and condensate drains as necessary
  • Maintenance of site grades to prevent on-site ponding of rain and irrigation runoff
  • Performance monitoring of well field; subsequent adjustment and rebalancing
  • Well field data management by SCS using our proprietary monitoring and management system SCSeTools®.



A few of our OM&M projects include:

Carson, California – Monitoring, Adjustment, Maintenance and Reporting for Six Screen Drive-In Theater Protection Facilities (50 LFG collection wells) and Truck Sales and Service Center Protection Facilities (14 LFG collection wells

Lorton, Virginia – Operation, Monitoring and Maintenance for Air Injection and Methane Sensor/Ventilation Systems, I‑95 Landfill (64 air injection wells). In addition, SCS Field Services, a division of SCS Engineers, specializes in the construction, operation, maintenance, and monitoring of LFG recovery and control systems

Monmouth County, New Jersey – Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Oversight and Trouble-Shooting for a LFG Extraction/Flaring System and for an Odor Control System.
Oceanside California. Monitoring, Adjustment, Maintenance and Reporting for Protection Facilities (43 LFG collection wells), Mission Avenue Landfill.

Sun Valley, California – Collection Header Replacement, Penrose Sanitary Landfill (20 LFG collection wells).

Various Locations – Monitoring and Reporting of Passive LFG Ventilation/Membrane Protection Systems including the Alpine Village Inn and Market, Torrance, California; Hyundai Office Park, Gardena, California; Goodyear Airship Operations, Gardena, California; and Bixby Market Place, Long Beach, California.