Landfill Gas Construction

lfg construction

SCS Engineers’ Field Services Construction Division provides contracting services to build landfill gas management systems nationwide. Our staff encompasses a broad range of experience, and we are licensed in all 50 states.

SCS has been providing turn-key landfill gas well installation services for more than 30 years. We provide landfill gas well drilling to any depth, anywhere, nationwide. Our new gas extraction wells services include drilling, logging, construction, pilot hole, and complete testing services. Field observations often result in operational changes, which is one of the key reasons to use design-build services.

LFG Recovery System and Pipeline Construction

SCS Engineers provides design-build of LFG recovery systems, including the installation of well fields, blowers, and standby flares. SCS Engineers offers design-build and operation-maintenance of cross-country transmission pipelines, including high- and low-pressure conveyance systems (motors, compressors, and blowers), operational and alarm system controls between the LFG supplier and the end user, metering systems, gas treatment systems, and communication systems nationwide.

SCS specializes in both transmission pipelines and landfill gas; a significant portion of our LFGE projects require transportation of gas, all in accordance with State and Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements. The LFG system on a landfill may not always be required to comply with DOT regulations; however, transmission line projects frequently fall under DOT jurisdiction and require our engineering and contracting experience working with the DOT. SCS is experienced in the nuances of transporting LFG, such as condensate management and the compositional differences between landfill and natural gas that require special placement of the pipelines, or the design-build to manage condensate and leachate.

SCS’s high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fusion technicians have completed the training required and are certified under the provisions of DOT 192.283 and 192.285. SCS pipeline employees are Registered Flaggers by the American Traffic Safety Services Associated for traffic control during construction of transmission line projects through public transportation areas. SCS utilizes the McElroy Track Star 500 fusion machine on all DOT-regulated pipeline projects.

The Track Star 500 is a self-contained, self-propelled, all-terrain hydraulic fusion machine that butt fuses all pipe sizes from 6-inch IPS to 18-inch DIPS. It is a computer-controlled machine that features programmable multiple pressure set points and performs pressure calculations with compensation for drag. It also contains an integral data-logging feature that allows SCS to provide the client with a printout of each butt weld on the pipeline.

LFG Remediation

SCS Engineers provides the full range of construction engineering and quality assurance remediation services for all elements of municipal landfill gas facilities. We design-build remediation projects including groundwater and soil extraction and treatment. One of the earliest and largest turnkey environmental consulting and remedial construction firms in the nation, SCS Engineers’ Field Services Construction Division is a Class A – General Engineering Contractor with Hazardous Materials Certification.

SCS Engineers design-build services offer turnkey investigation, design, construction, and monitoring of remedial measures in-house. Meeting our clients’ requirements for responsiveness and accountability is extremely important to us.

We offer a well-trained staff of field engineers and technicians who serve as resident engineers/owner’s representatives, soil and geosynthetics technicians, and LFG and groundwater well inspectors. Our experience encompasses remediation projects of all sizes for private and public clients, including:

  • Groundwater sampling, statistical analysis, and reporting
  • Hydrogeological and geotechnical investigations
  • LFG monitoring and reporting
  • Liner quality assurance services
  • Permitting and regulatory compliance
  • Remedial investigations and mitigation designs