Landfill Renewable Energy

National Experts: Bob Viers (LFGE), Alex Stege (Modeling), and Eric Peterson (Gas Collection Systems)

landfill gas consultants
SCS Engineers, working closely with our Energy and Field Services divisions, have helped our clients resolve landfill gas economic and environmental challenges for decades. By combining the expertise of our professional engineers, consultants, and field staff, we continue to develop innovative solutions that are based on proven technology and science and then adapted for use in the field.

SCS Engineers and our Energy division offer the following landfill services:


Solar Energy on Landfills & Brownfields

National Experts: Eric Nelson, Mark Huber

Landfill Solar

Energy generation and use are changing in the United States. The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that renewable energy sources will increase from 19 percent of total energy generation to 38 percent by 2050, and solar energy will represent 46% of all forms of renewable energy. The Inflation Reduction Act (Subtitle D–Energy Security) provides significant tax and other government incentives for the energy and renewable energy industries. (Ref)

Landfills, which are already located near roads and transmission lines, make prime candidates for solar power generation. There are thousands of acres of closed landfills in the U.S. that may be suitable for solar siting projects. Federal investment tax credits and state incentive programs and rebates are available, enhancing the financial viability of converting a closed landfill or Brownfields property into solar farms.

SCS Engineers has the expertise necessary to meet the unique environmental and regulatory challenges of developing solar on landfills and Brownfields. We assist our clients in evaluating the feasibility of converting non-productive real estate into revenue-generating assets. Landfills, in particular, have operating expenses long after closing, and renewable energy production can help offset these expenses and produce a more environmentally friendly carbon footprint.

Our specialized teams work with municipalities and the private sector to design solutions that minimize risk, protect people, your business, and support your existing infrastructure. As landfill specialists and environmental consultants, we bring insight and a deep technical bench that will maximize your return and help you model scenarios and their feasibility for your site. Our decades of experience permitting, developing closure and post-closure plans, and advanced landfill design, including final cover systems and surface water management systems, make a difference. We are not only environmental consultants, but SCS Engineers are landfill specialists providing these solar energy services:

  • Site evaluation
  • Feasibility studies
  • State and local permitting
  • Design services
  • Operation and maintenance services
  • Aerial Thermal Solar Farm Inspections
  • Bidding and procurement support for solar projects

Proven Value

  • SCS has assisted clients with various projects involving post-closure utilization of landfills, including solar farms. We have extensive experience with developments on a broad variety of landfills, including municipal solid waste landfills, coal combustion residue (CCR) disposal facilities, and Brownfields.
  • Our experience with state solid waste permitting programs in over 40 states enables our team to provide expedited approvals for solar projects on landfills.
  • We tailor our services to comply with environmental regulations consistent with our clients’ business goals.
  • Our air quality and greenhouse gas specialists are nationally recognized and well-regarded for their expertise, including inventories, verification, and reduction services.
  • We design facilities to use solar power, further enhancing organics reuse programs and facilities while lowering carbon footprints.
  • We provide sustainable remediation services for contaminated facilities and properties.