Control of Industrial Processes

Shows the system status of a facility flare and process variables on a mobile phone. See the demo below.

The SCS RMC® team integrates HTML web-based technology into our client solutions enabling us to build dynamic industrial applications that automatically respond to each client’s unique needs.

SCS RMC builds full SCADA, HMI, and alarm systems, providing you with a mobile view of your operations via smartphones and other mobile devices. Full-control of industrial processes is more mobile, customizable, scalable, and secure than ever before.

The application can reduce O&M costs by:

  • Proactively avoiding system and equipment issues by sending instant notifications
  • The ability to remotely troubleshoot a system or piece of equipment, reducing onsite callouts
  • Automatic reporting
  • Automatic data collection and storage in a secure, cloud-based environment
  • High-clarity data visualization.







SCS GIS Demo – Viewing subsurface conditions


Examining multiple wellfield conditions, then zooming in on specific well metrics makes assigning field staff and technicians more efficient.



SCS Engineers and Waste Management Podcast – Improving Sustainability in Waste Management