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April 24, 2024

Join SCS Engineers at the 2024 Salinas Valley Ammonia Safety Day in Salinas, CA on May 22.

The Salinas Valley Ammonia Safety Day (SVASD) provides a unique educational forum for Industry, the Public, and First Responders, stressing the importance of safe handling and preparing for chemical incidents of hazardous materials. Their mission is to provide educational opportunities for the awareness and safe use of ammonia and other hazardous chemicals.

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June 23, 2021

quality consulting engineers
A portion of the SCS Tracer Environmental team at a RETA conference. Close teamwork and quality are essential.


The purpose of SCS’s internal Quality Management System (QMS) is to provide our clients quality solutions ethically. With that goal in mind, SCS Tracer Environmental (a specialty practice at SCS Engineers) has developed numerous internal systems to provide quality consulting services.

For example:

  • We use an internal project checklist to ensure we consistently deliver quality reports and safety programs.
  • Our cross-training allows our team to provide a wide range of OSHA’s Process Safety Management and EPA’s Risk Management Plan-related services.

To help our clients stay in compliance, Tracer developed another quality-related system to track recurring compliance due dates for our nearly 400 clients. Our due date tracking system allows us to generate reminders for them before their actual need.

Tracer’s system of quality programs has evolved; however, the key component of providing quality solutions remains unchanged – teamwork. Without teamwork, no quality system will create success. This collaborative effort within Tracer and other practices at SCS Engineers helps us achieve our common goal of delivering quality solutions.

Sometimes that means we need to step up and help a colleague on a project with a quick turnaround time. Or, if the unexpected happens, a new project manager may need to jump in – sometimes mid-project. We take the initiative to respond to all client emails if we know the client manager is unavailable. We form internal committees to revise procedures, checklists, and templates, always intending to improve efficiency and increase quality.

Merriam-Webster defines teamwork as “Work done by several associates with each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole.” With mutual trust and respect, and the free exchange of knowledge in a collaborative environment, we continue to deliver quality through teamwork.


We thank our SCS Quality Management Gurus, who are always helping us find better ways to deliver excellence!






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October 23, 2020


cfats consultants
Jodie is a professional skydiver and part of the SCS Tracer Team! Click the picture to play Jodie on her way to RETA 2020!


Bill Lape, Project Director with SCS Tracer, will give a presentation on the effects of the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) regulation on the ammonia refrigeration industry. Bill sits on the RETA Board of Directors.

The Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standard, or CFATS, is one of the most misunderstood regulations that may govern ammonia refrigeration facilities. Bill’s presentation will cover Chemical-terrorism Vulnerability Information and the requirements for protecting this information. Next, he’ll review the basic submission of data to the Department of Homeland Security, otherwise known as a Top Screen. Then cover the specific levels or tiers associated with CFATS, including facility tier assignments and the requirements for each tier. Finally, Bill covers the update requirements and the communication of updates.

In addition, Bill will provide some general observations from across the ammonia refrigeration industry identifying typical tier levels for facilities with ammonia refrigeration systems and illustrating examples of items that typically are included in site security plans for these facilities.


For details on the conference visit the event page here.


To better serve the unique needs of our clients, we employ experienced staff with backgrounds in oil, petrochemical/chemical industries, aerospace, and manufacturing companies. Tracer’s service professionals are strategically located across the nation and perform the calibration in a wide range of ammonia refrigeration industries such as dairy, food, and beverages; ice arenas and ice manufacturing; cold storage warehouses; and for facilities using ammonia for metal/tooling heat treating, and fossil fuel plants with NOx systems.

As an added service, we can provide consultation on your ammonia detection system based on the IIAR 2-2014 Standard and Recognized and Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices (RAGAGEP). SCS also offers operator, custom, PSM/RMP training programs.






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