January 30, 2018

SWANA’s new online testing platform gives members and industry professionals easy access to SWANA’s leading certification courses and exams.

The online testing platform has many benefits:

  • Gives professionals the option to take exams at any time or location,
  • Provides 48-hour pass/fail notification,
  • Easier to fit job development and training into busy schedules,
  • Exam preparation enhanced,
  • No travel time or exam center expenses.

“The SWANA platform provides students the opportunity to read through the content and take their time preparing for exams; a valuable part of the learning process,” said Tracie Bills, SWANA/CRRA Zero Waste Course Instructor and Northern California Director at SCS Engineers.

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August 19, 2015

SCS Engineers -- Help Protect Life and the Environment
SCS Engineers — Help Protect Life and the Environment

SCS sustains and improves our organization’sHealth & Safety Program by having a designated Corporate Health & Safety Director. We know H&S is important to you, and to SWANA who recently announced that it will begin collecting safety data from municipalities about collection injuries and accidents.

An organization with a limited budget is nevertheless responsible for the overall technical direction, management, and implementation of a company’s Health & Safety Program. Providing a safe and healthful environment for employees and communities is the core mission of our work. In keeping with the goals of OSHA and the USEPA, SCS makes safety and health expertise affordable to any organization, regardless of size or budget. We have resources available to help you achieve OSHA and USEPA compliance while increasing your productivity, morale, and safety awareness.

Click here to learn more about these H&S programs and training:

  • Health and Safety Program Development
  • Health and Safety Training & Certifications
  • Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Safety Evaluations
  • Health-Risk Assessments

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