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SCS Engineers Expands Environmental Services in the Midwest

May 12, 2021


SCS Engineers is expanding its environmental expertise hiring Richard Southorn, PE and PG, as Project Director in the firm’s St. Charles, Illinois office. Richard is a Professional Engineer in 13 states and a Professional Geologist in Illinois and Delaware. He will support SCS clients with their coal combustion residual (CCR) and municipal solid waste projects, including facilities for composting and the safe management of hazardous wastes.

Richard D. Southorn, PE, PG, SCS Engineers-Chicago

As a Project Director, he runs teams providing comprehensive services ranging from construction plan development to full-scale design services. His client responsibilities include the coordination and supervision of the project teams made up of professional engineers, geologists, technicians, planners, and support staff.

Richard has expertise in developing site layouts and analyzing designs for multiple landfill facilities.  These designs fit within the comprehensive environmental services landfill operators need to manage these complex, integrated systems. Richard’s design approach for landfill infrastructure integrates the elements that all play a role in environmental due diligence, including the landfill base and final cover liner systems, leachate extraction and cleanout systems, landfill gas control systems, and stormwater management controls.

As a licensed Professional Geologist, Southorn also oversees geotechnical stability evaluations, stormwater modeling, and the design and evaluation of landfill gas systems that minimize greenhouse gases. He has overseen many hydrogeological investigations that characterize subsurface stratigraphy, hydrology and hydrogeology, protecting groundwater for safer and more efficient facilities.

As with all SCS Engineers employee-owners, Richard engages in industry associations and his community. Learn about Richard Southorn and how SCSs’ work protects all citizens

About SCS Engineers

SCS Engineers’ environmental solutions and technology directly result from our experience and dedication to industries responsible for safeguarding the environment as they deliver services and products. For information about SCS, watch a documentary, or follow us on your favorite social media. You can reach us at .








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Ashley Hutchens Leads SCS Engineers Environmental Services in Long Beach, CA and Las Vegas, NV

April 13, 2021

SCS Environmental Services Director, Ashley Hutchens leading services in Long Beach, CA and Las Vegas, NV.


SCS Engineers Vice President Ashley Hutchens is now the Environmental Services Director for its Long Beach and Las Vegas operations. Besides managing her current projects and clients, Hutchens will manage the environmental professionals and technicians in each city. She is responsible for allocating resources for business development, project management, and coordinating activities with other SCS offices nationwide.

“Ashley’s proven capabilities solving environmental challenges for industries will serve our Long Beach and Las Vegas clients well,” said Julio Nuno, SCS Senior Vice President.

Hutchens has 18 years of experience in property evaluation and due diligence, site assessment, characterization, remediation; vapor intrusion assessment and mitigation; and hazardous waste management. She has led hundreds of projects, including all phases, from the development of cost estimates for site assessment, mitigation, and remediation, to groundwater monitoring and sampling, preparation and review of final reports, interfacing with regulatory agencies, and management of all aspects of projects, staff, and various subcontractors.




SCS Engineers’ environmental solutions directly result from our experience and dedication to solid waste management and other industries responsible for safeguarding the environment. For more information about SCS, please visit us at www.scsengineers.com, or contact .





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Meet Marc Lefebvre of SCS Engineers

May 17, 2019

marc lefebvre
“Marc’s the kind of engineer SCS wants on the front lines; he’s solved some of the toughest environmental challenges in our nation,” states Myles Clewner, SCS Vice President in the firm’s southeastern region. “Our clients, our regulatory agencies, and our citizens trust him to fix legacy issues and design treatment systems that continue to keep our environment safe.”

Mr. Lefebvre, a Professional Engineer in nine states recently joined the SCS Environmental Services team. He brings over three decades of experience as an environmental engineer and consultant specializing in soil and water remediation services for both government and business sectors.

Mr. Lefebvre manages remedial action plans, multi-media contamination assessments, industrial wastewater treatability studies and treatment system designs for SCS’s clients. He serves as an expert witness as well. He has designed and managed industrial wastewater treatment systems for the pharmaceutical industry; successfully remediated groundwater at petroleum Superfund sites; restored soil and groundwater at several RCRA sites; and was the Engineer of Record for a South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) project to protect the Everglades National Park.

Welcome to SCS!

Learn more about SCS Engineers work:





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Facility Spill Response Planning

January 9, 2019

If you use hazardous substances or store oils or fuels on-site at your facility, you need to be prepared to respond appropriately to a release. Having a written plan is your company’s first step to protecting human health, the environment, and your company’s assets from the aftermath of a spill.

Not all of your employees are qualified to clean up all releases. Training may be required if there are potential risks. Choosing the correct level of training and the right people to train is essential to maximizing your facility’s spill preparedness. Read more about spill response teams here.

Spill planning and reporting can be subject to rules from multiple agencies, depending on what spilled, where the spill happened, and whether it leaves your property.

Which Plan Does My Facility Need?

  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Contingency Plan
  • Facility Emergency Response Plan
  • Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan

 Where do I Start?

You can start by assessing your facility’s spill potential. Take an inventory of the chemical products at your facility. You will want to include some details in your assessment such as the related hazards of each product, the amount you store on-site, the biggest container, and where these are stored and used in relation to employee workstations and other operations at the facility. This assessment may already be incorporated into your written plans.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are emergency responders able to get to our site quickly? These entities could include the local fire department, community hazardous materials team, or a private spill cleanup contractor.
  2. Does our facility have a written plan that provides for facility personnel responding to spills?
  3. Do we want employees to be able to take defensive actions to help stop a release from spreading?
  4. Do we want employees to be able to take offensive action to stop the release at the source?

Based on your answers, choose the level of spill response training that best suits your needs…continue by reading Cheryl Moran’s article on spill response training.

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