September 24, 2018

To generate a return on investment of site-specific GCCS, you need OMM staff who understand the strengths and weaknesses of your site. From that understanding, successful OMM teams and facility owners can design, perform, and fine-tune their program.

SCS’s BMP’s uses a “beyond the compliance OMM model” because the practice leads to strengthening relationships with regulatory agencies and LFG energy providers. Our clients expect to move toward a field optimization program when both OMM procedures and regulatory requirements are fine-tuned to work in concert. That investment pays dividends by increasing compliance and improving gas recovery. When developed OMM principles are defined clearly, and evolved along with GCCS design and construction, teams rise to the challenge, and the reward is a consistent track record of excellent GCCS operation.

Part 1 of the series discusses design considerations for landfill gas collection and control systems (GCCS); Part 2 takes into account construction quality assurance (CQA) measures during construction of GCCS; and Part 3 covers BMP’s for GCCS Operation, Monitoring, and Maintenance (OMM) in the September/October issue of MSW Magazine. The SCS Team covers:

  • Safety
  • Monitoring Plans
  • LFG Well Start-up
  • Wellfield Tuning and Maintenance
  • Compliance





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September 27, 2016

Use your data to tune wellheads making your wellfield more productive and safer with  SCSeTools®


SCSeTools® gives you the ability to instantly map air leaks, vacuum distribution, wells that are “over pulling” and wells that are underutilized – valuable tools for every wellfield technician to maximize system performance beyond simple compliance tracking and reactive wellhead tuning.

As a field technician, you walk a fine line – tuning to a threshold, pulling as hard as you can, as safe as you can. When important data factors start to wander you need to troubleshoot quickly to keep collecting as much as gas as possible without over compensating and adjusting wellheads multiple times. SCSeTools® makes troubleshooting faster and more efficient by turning your data into maps identifying important conditions in the field and the wellheads that need tuning. Field technicians know how to balance the wellfield without killing bacteria and without diluting the gas.

A map of your field with your specific tuning range quickly shows data that are typically missed in reams of data. SCSeTools alerts you to these indicators using a map of each wellhead in the wellfield. Where you formerly needed months for these changes to become apparent, SCSeTools tells you at the touch of a button when a change began occurring and which wellheads are impacted. As a technician you know what you need to tune and which wellheads need your attention.

oil and gas wellfield construction and remediation
Methane Range Map

Using SCSeTools pick any parameter that the GEM collects and create custom ranges or use specified guidelines to quickly identify trends throughout the landfill. Tuning ranges can be adjusted to specific conditions found at individual landfills. Smooth a saw tooth collection pattern and learn from your data for maximum vacuum and maximum collection without risk.



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September 8, 2015

Utah, one of the four states where SCS Field Services has recently expanded their Operations, Monitoring, and Maintenance services to support SCS Engineers environmental consulting.
Utah, one of the four states where SCS Field Services has recently expanded their Operations, Monitoring, and Maintenance services to support SCS Engineers environmental consulting.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT. – SCS Engineers recently announced the opening of a new office near Salt Lake City, expanding services to clients in the Western region of the U.S. The new office is located at:

SCS Engineers | SCS Field Services
1952 West Parkway Boulevard,
West Valley City, UT 84119
Tel: +1-801-849-2160

SCS continues to provide environmental engineering and consulting services to municipal and private sector clients, and has expanded the range of its SCS Field Services Division to provide clients in Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Montana with a variety of landfill, landfill gas (LFG), and landfill gas to energy (LFGTE) services, including LFG collection and control system operations, monitoring, and maintenance services.

SCS also offers SCSeTools®, a platform for data management software used at landfills to improve operational safety, data collection, and analysis to meet the new EPA compliance rule. SCSeTools currently features SCS DataServices®, SCS Remote Monitoring and Control®, and SCS MobileToolsTM and is in use at over 600 landfills nationwide. The unique combination of high-level technical engineering services with practical, hands-on operations expertise, including compliance data management is not typically available from other environmental engineering firms.

“Our intent is to continuously expand our support to clients in these states,” said Galen Petoyan, Senior Vice President of SCS Field Services OM&M Division. “We continue to use highly-skilled professionals with plenty of field experience, and our ability to analyze a landfill’s data has helped us become even more dependable and cost-effective on closed and active landfills.”

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