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April 14, 2020

SCS Engineers is offering Ammonia Refrigeration Operator classes, including RETA Operator I and RETA Operator II using our online delivery system. Ensure your operators continue to receive training for compliance with the Process Safety Management and Risk Management Program regulations.

We also offer our PSM/RMP courses, as well as our CARO/CIRO Review course online. Taking this training enables your operators to stay safe and avoid travel costs.

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November 21, 2018

Refrigeration Training and Certification Programs

SCS has a diverse staff of certified engineers, scientists, and technicians who provide practical, cost-effective training on-site or in one of our nationwide sessions. We use training materials from RETA, IIAR, manufacturers, and field experience, as well as facility-specific standard operating procedures. See our training schedule and complete information here.

SCS’s  Refrigeration Operator I & II Training Programs use the applicable RETA Industrial Refrigeration (IR) 1 & 2 manuals which are included for the duration of the classes. These intensive four-day classes are provided in locations across the nation; convenient for attendees to participate locally.

Operator I: Designed for the beginning refrigeration operator, manager, and/or safety personnel with limited refrigeration training.

Operator II: Designed for the refrigeration operator, manager, and safety personnel who have passed the Operator I class and have a higher level of experience and knowledge in industrial refrigeration systems using ammonia as a refrigerant.

PSM/RMP Introduction Class: Training course using ammonia refrigeration-focused material specific to your PSM/RMP program and facility using RETA, IIAR, manufacturers, and field materials as well as facility-specific standard operating procedures. We highlight the responsibilities of the various PSM/RMP Team Members that may include, but not be limited to, maintenance, safety, management, environmental, and/or facilities personnel:

  • PSM/RMP regulatory requirements
  • Ammonia awareness
  • Implementation strategies
  • Review / Complete required forms for various elements.

PSM/RMP Advanced Class: Training course for experienced PSM Program Managers, Plant Managers, facility compliance personnel, and safety-EHS staff who want a detailed review of the more complex regulatory requirements included in the PSM and RMP regulations. The class focuses on the complex details of the following elements: Process Safety Information (RAGAGEP), Standard Operating Procedures, Management of Change (Project planning through PSSR), and Mechanical Integrity.

RETA CARO/CIRO Review: This intensive training is designed for operators who are pursuing their RETA CARO or CIRO certification. Each course includes a review of the pertinent materials. During Day 2, participants receive a voucher to take the RETA Practice Test. Our instructor reviews the test results and customizes Day 3 to incorporate material that was found to be deficient within the testing.

See our training schedule and complete information here.






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