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November 21, 2017

We continue SCS’s Advice from the Field blog series with guidance from an article in MSW Magazine by Daniel R. Cooper, Jason Timmons, and Stephanie Liptak.

Planning a landfill gas collection system before collection is required can increase the long-term benefits for multiple stakeholders.

The authors of a recent article in MSW Management Magazine present engineering ideas that provide for more efficient construction of a GCCS.  Gas system operators will benefit by having fewer pumps to operate and maintain and shallower headers that are more easily accessible. Odor management will be easier along with other benefits.

Read the full article here to learn about the design elements for maximizing long-term benefits, impacting: bottom liners, location of the blower/flare station, leachate risers, extraction well targets, and external header piping.



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October 21, 2015

PSI is a comprehensive, proven program that cuts costs while enhancing the resource efficiency of the supply chain of small and midsized manufacturers.


The PSI Sustainability Model is a program that was developed to demonstrate the wide range of economic, social, and environmental benefits that can be realized by Wisconsin’s small and midsized manufacturers through the implementation of sustainable business practices. PSI utilizes a triple bottom line approach (sometimes referred to as “people, planet, and profits”) and a cost-benefit analysis to assess current sustainability efforts and identify opportunities for improvement. It is a comprehensive, proven program that cuts costs while enhancing the resource efficiency of the supply chain.

Projects range from replacing low-efficiency light fixtures, to reducing the use
of toxic substances and the resulting wastes, to reducing raw material use and scrap
production, to replacing old machinery with energy-efficient models, to optimizing
freight routes and shipping schedules.

Ray Tierney, PG, CEEP,  at SCS Engineers, recently published an article describing the success of the program in the ABA Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources Smart Growth and Green Buildings Committee Newsletter, Vol. 8, No. 2.


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