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September 27, 2022

iowa waste systems


Upcoming presentations at the Iowa Recycling and Solid Waste Management Conference on October 4:

SCS Engineers (SCS) was retained by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to assist in performing research, facilitating stakeholder and subcommittee meetings, and coordinating project meetings to explore and develop potential strategies that would help transition Iowa to a sustainable materials management (SMM) system approach. The firm was also retained to perform a waste characterization study at ten landfills across Iowa during the summer of 2022, focusing on how we can best use resources to their highest and best values.

SCS Engineers will be presenting on these topics during the welcoming events on Tuesday, October 4, starting at 8:00 am, following the Iowa DNR update. Christine Collier, P.E., will discuss work with a stakeholder group and four subcommittees to identify potential SMM strategies that focus on the four primary material categories: Construction and Demolition Debris; Organics and Fibers; Plastics; and Renewable Energy Equipment.

Hannah Sperfslage and Jeff Phillips will discuss the waste characterization study evaluating the composition of municipal solid waste (MSW) generated from residential, industrial, commercial, and institutional (ICI) sectors and the visual characterization of construction and demolition debris (C&D). The results will help the DNR and solid waste planning agencies measure progress in obtaining waste reduction and recycling goals. They will be the basis for implementing new programs and policies.

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March 15, 2022

SCS Engineers Environmental Consulting and Contracting


Recycling and reuse started in 1987 and continues today with cities embracing public-private partnerships with their recycling processors. They recognize the vital and interrelated role of both the public and private sectors in recovering recyclables. In the U.S., manufacturing and end-use markets are seeing more demand for recyclable materi­als. Companies are held accountable for misleading advertising instead of changing packaging or labeling how to recycle clearly.

Through leadership, innovation, and strate­gic planning, cities continue to help lead the way on recycling to achieve landfill diversion and provide for more environmental­ly and financially sustainable solid waste management systems for the next 30 years.

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March 8, 2022

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The City of Lincoln’s Trans­portation and Utilities (LTU) Department/Solid Waste Man­agement Division manages all solid waste generated within its service area to protect the public’s health, safety, welfare, and environment. They do so cost-effectively and in compliance with its solid waste management plan, Solid Waste Plan 2040. The plan, updated in 2020 through a process facilitated by SCS Engineers, produces remarkably good results.

The City undertook a comprehensive residential and commer­cial recycling communication, education, engagement, and behavior change initiative.

Read more about Lincoln’s success and see results in this APWA article (March 2022 edition).






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