Sustainable Solid Waste Management in America’s Heartland – City of Lincoln Getting Great Results

March 8, 2022

lincoln scs


The City of Lincoln’s Trans­portation and Utilities (LTU) Department/Solid Waste Man­agement Division manages all solid waste generated within its service area to protect the public’s health, safety, welfare, and environment. They do so cost-effectively and in compliance with its solid waste management plan, Solid Waste Plan 2040. The plan, updated in 2020 through a process facilitated by SCS Engineers, produces remarkably good results.

The City undertook a comprehensive residential and commer­cial recycling communication, education, engagement, and behavior change initiative.

Read more about Lincoln’s success and see results in this APWA article (March 2022 edition).






Posted by Diane Samuels at 6:00 am