Weighing Emissions of Organic Waste Management Options | SCS Engineers at WasteExpo Together Online

September 11, 2021


Pat Sullivan brings his expertise to bear when deciding which organic waste management option to recommend. Pat will take his audience through the selection process when the primary goal is to focus on air quality and greenhouse gas impacts. He quantitatively compares different organic waste management options based on emissions; options include:

  • Landfilling
  • With and Without Control and Energy Recovery
  • Organic Waste as Alternative Daily Cover (ADC)
  • Composting of Green and Food Waste
  • Open Windrows
  • Aerated Static Piles (ASP) with Controls
  • Anaerobic Digestion
  • Biomass to Energy

Pat Sullivan always gets his audience thinking. Who gets sequestration benefits? Should they? Project-specific analyses are critical as there are many variables – no surprise for landfill operators, but which are most critical? RNG production instead of combustion can improve emissions and your GHG profile. Don’t forget about transportation impacts/benefits; they can be significant if the waste travels long distances.


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Posted by Diane Samuels at 1:45 pm