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 Global Climate Change--Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Offsets
• Sustainability--Green Building, Waste Minimization, Recycling



EPA Climate Change Website

bul.gif (827 byte)  April 2010: Greenhouse Gas Regulations With Pat Sullivan of SCS Engineers

bul.gif (827 byte)  Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Presentations and Papers

  • EPA's New Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule – What This Means for MSW Landfills presented by David Mezzacappa, P.E. to the annual Texas SWANA Conference in Corpus Christi, TX in April 2010 PDF
  • The Impact of Federal Climate Change Legislation and Regulation on the Solid Waste Industry by presented by Patrick S. Sullivan, REA, CPP to SWANA’s 33rd Annual Landfill Gas Symposium in San Diego, CA on March 10, 2010 PDF
  • Paper: The Impact of Federal Climate Change Legislation and Regulation on the Solid Waste Industry by Pat Sullivan, R.E.A., C.P.P., Pat Sullivan, R.E.A., C.P.P., and Cassandra B. Drotman, presented to SWANA’s 33rd Annual Landfill Gas Symposium in San Diego, CA in March 2010 PDF
  • Implementation of EPA’s Mandatory GHG Reporting Requirements presented by Raymond H. Huff, R.E.A., to Rural Counties’ ESJPA Board and Technical Advisory Meeting in Sacramento, CA in March, 2010 PDF
  • Implementation of EPA’s Mandatory GHG Reporting Requirements presented by Raymond H. Huff, R.E.A., to the Colorado Rocky Mountain SWANA Conference on January 19, 2010 PDF
  • General Overview of EPA’s Mandatory GHG Reporting Rule for Landfills presented by Pat Sullivan, R.E.A., C.P.P., to the SWANA Oregon Winter Forum in Salem, Oregon on January 21, 2010 PDF
  • Meeting EPA’s Mandatory GHG Reporting Requirements presented by Pat Sullivan, R.E.A., C.P.P., to the NSWMA Webinar on December 4, 2009 PDF
  • White Paper: Current MSW Industry Position and State-of-the-Practice on LFG Collection Efficiency, Methane Oxidation, and Carbon Sequestration in Landfills prepared for the Solid Waste Industry for Climate Solutions (SWICS), Version 2.2, Revised January, 2009 PDF
  • You will find additional GHG-related papers on our Technical Articles web page.

Will this generation leave a better world for the generations that follow?  Can healthy buildings be constructed on contaminated sites?  Do recycling and waste minimization programs really work?  Can greenhouse gas emissions be reduced in ways that make sense economically?

The politically-correct answer to each of these questions is "yes."  A more thoughtful answer is probably "it depends." 

What constitutes a better world?  What is the nature of the contamination beneath the building?  Will the recycling or waste minimization program cause more environmental harm than good?  Is it practical for a growing business to reduce its carbon footprint in absolute terms? 

SCS Engineers is one of the few consulting firms that specialized in environmental engineering services before the US Environmental Protection Agency was formed in 1970. SCS professionals understand environmental systems, and have the experience to help clients find a practical approach to attain and maintain a proper balance between their missions and the environmental consequences of their operations.

Our clients provide important services to society, and we are pleased to help them do so while minimizing adverse environmental and economic impacts. For example, many of our clients operate solid waste landfills that produce methane, a potent greenhouse gas.  We design, install, and operate landfill gas collection systems that destroy the equivalent of more than 25 million metric tons of carbon dioxide every year.

As another example, many of our clients are land developers who construct urban infill and other forms of smart growth. We design, construct and operate systems that protect these projects from historical contamination that might be present. Billions of dollars of real estate development in contaminated areas (“Brownfields”) have been made possible by our work.

bul.gif (827 byte)  Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Services

  • Prepare GHG Emissions Inventories to establish the carbon footprint of operations.
  • Develop Protocols for GHG Emissions Estimates and Offsets
  • Develop Strategies for Reducing GHG Emissions, including design, construction, and operation of projects to reduce emissions
  • Identify Opportunities for Voluntary GHG Emission Reductions for landfills, wastewater treatment plants, agriculture wastes, coal bed methane, and fugitive emissions
  • Design, Construct and Operate GHG emission reduction projects, including identification of alternative sources of financing.
  • Provide Third-party Validation or Verification of GHG emission reductions
    • Validation services are a "look forward" to determine if a particular project appears to quality for producing credits going forward
    • Verification services are a "look back" to quantify the actual amount of credits generated by a particular project
    • Validation and verification services must be impartial and independent of any conflicts of interest on the part of the firm or the individuals involved [Click here for formal SCS Statement of Impartiality]
    • SCS does not validate or verify GHG assertions where SCS provided consulting services to the responsible party that support the assertion
  • Research and Evaluate emerging technologies and GHG issues
  • Develop Renewable Energy Projects, including design, construction and operation of direct use, electricity generation, liquefied and compressed natural gas projects using biogases from landfills, agricultural operations, and coal beds.

SCS's Greenhouse Gas Projects

bul.gif (827 byte)  Sustainability Services

  • Smart Growth and Brownfield Redevelopment site assessment, remediation design, construction, and O&M
  • Building Deconstruction and innovative debris recycling and management
  • Integrated Solid Waste Management Planning, including recycling, materials recovery, waste minimization, and residuals management
  • Green Procurement Procedures, including appropriate recycled content and life-cycle toxicity considerations
  • Healthy Indoor Environments, including vapor protection systems and management of mold, asbestos, and lead-based paint issues
  • Integrated Landscape Programs, including plant selection, composting, and water re-use
  • Energy Conservation Measures, energy management, and renewable energy
  • Sustainability Management Systems, including development of policy, goals, procedures, metrics, and audits to address long-term strategic environmental management

SCS's Sustainability Projects

climate action leader SCS Engineers Recognized as a Climate Action Leader by the California Climate Action Registry

SCS's LEED Accredited Professionals

Bruce Clark, PE, Tampa, FL - Email, Press Release

Stacey Demers, Reston, VA - Email

David P. Hostetter, PE (LEED AP BD+C), Reston, VA - Email

Mike Kalish, PE, Reston, VA - Email

Tony Kriel, PE, Madison, WI - Email

James Law, PE (LEED AP BD+C), Raleigh, NC - Email, Resume

Sandra Mazo-Nix, Charlotte, NC - Email

Roger Moeller, Reston, VA - Email

John Tabella, PG, Reston, VA - Email

Pierce Wu, Reston, VA - Email