Gas Fingerprinting to Determine Sources of Offsite Gases, 2022

Gas fingerprinting is instrumental in providing science-based data to avoid regulatory action and to defend against litigation involving offsite gases that could derive from landfills. Gases include methane—the most common constituent in LFG—but also various other chemicals evolving from landfill and non-landfill sources.



About the Author: Patrick Sullivan, BCES, CPP, REPA, has more than 32 years of environmental engineering experience, specializing in solid waste management and other environmental issues. Patrick is a Senior Vice President of SCS Engineers, the Business Unit Director of SCS’s Southwest Region, and he serves as SCS’s National Expert on the Clean Air Act and oversees SCS’s national Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and Risk Assessment programs. He works closely with federal, state, and local regulatory agencies, using his extensive knowledge of regulatory permitting and compliance.