June 1, 2007

“Residential Development on Closed Landfills,” by David Mayes and Mike McLaughlin, Brownfield News.Com

April 2, 2007

“Dry Cleaners: Airing Dirty Laundry,” by J. Rodney Marsh and Kevin W. Green, Brownfield News

April 2, 2007

“Commercial Redevelopment of Closed Landfills,” by Mike McLaughlin and Joe Miller, Brownfield News

March 1, 2007

“From Wasteland to Wonderland: The Cerro Villa Landfill,” by Pamela Gallera (City of Orange) and Tony Maggio (SCS), Environmental Design & Construction

February 22, 2007

“Closed Landfills: Assets in Disguise,” by Mike McLaughlin, Brownfield News