July 25, 2019

Hydrogen Sulfide at Landfills, SWANA Newsletter Jul. 2019

Michael D. Knox, Compliance Manager takes his readers through H2S control at landfills. He covers gas collection and control systems, daily cover, landfill cover systems, and surface emissions monitoring. Share this article using the icons at left, or download the article using the icon beneath the window.    

July 23, 2019

Action and Reaction, MSW, Jul. 2019

New equipment and operational methods being used by recyclers and transfer stations. SCS Engineers believes that transfer stations are the cornerstones of effective solid waste management and recycling and diversion programs. They have designed facilities that have ranged in size from 50 to over 5,000 tons per day and ...

July 12, 2019

New Braunfels Comprehesive Solid Waste Mangagement Plan, Herald-Zeitung July 2019

What’s in a comprehensive solid waste management plan? The plan for New Braunfels addresses the City’s solid waste needs over a 20-year planning period, due much in part to rapid population growth. Developed in conjunction with City staff, it addresses the capacities at existing waste management facilities, the City’s ...

June 30, 2019

What’s New at EPA for the Printing Industry?

Ann O’Brien provides the printing industry with information from the EPA that can impact their businesses such as the Clean Air Act, air permitting, and the Clean Water Act. Share this article using the icons at left, or download the article using the icon beneath the window.    

June 27, 2019

Employee Training Under PSM/RMP, RETA Breeze, Summer 2019

Bill Lape discusses the most frequently asked questions about designing a training program that is part of your facility’s PSM and RMP programs and provides a defensible position during inspections while ensuring that your facility operators and maintainers perform their jobs safely. Share this article using the icons at ...

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