April 20, 2021

H2S Rising on Some Landfills, Waste360, Apr 19, 2021

Getting to the route of a problem can be complicated as Tom Rappolt explains, “It’s important to consider the ratio of methane to H2S, and that ratio is not necessarily consistent. Adding complexity is that ratios of methane to H2S at given locations change over time and sometimes change ...

April 1, 2021

Epic Fail Fingers Crossed (I hope it holds), RETA Breeze, Spring 2021

Pipe Supports are an often overlooked part of our ammonia refrigeration systems, but not by your EPA inspector. Bill Lape provides his usual sage and resourceful guidance in this issue of the RETA Breeze.  

April 1, 2021

Collaboration Is the Key to Successful Edible Food Recovery, EM, Apr. 2021

Environmental professionals can be key collaborators for food recovery programs across the country, whether your role is to help businesses overcome the barriers and participate in food donation programs or support the capacity expansion of recovery organizations and services. This article appears in the April 2021 issue of EM ...

March 24, 2021

Gas and Liquid Carrying Pipes in Landfills and Complexity of Conflicts, Talking Trash, Spring 2021

Ali Khatami discusses best practices to address conflicts among gas and liquids pipes, pipes, and final cover geosynthetics before construction.    

March 24, 2021

Watered In: Liquid Issues in Landfill Gas Extraction Wells, Talking Trash, Spring 2021

Dan Cooper and Stephanie Liptak discuss best practices for managing landfill liquids; pertinent to a healthy and compliant gas collection and control system and for landfill longevity.   Find more information here.