Forever Chemicals in Our Soil and Groundwater, June 2021

The Wisconsin PFAS Action Council, including dozens of public departments and entities, recently released an Action Plan that contains 25 action items. Highlights include establishing standards for PFAS in soil and water, creating a communication infrastructure, streamlining safe drinking water responses, and supporting communities at greater risk for exposure to PFAS.



Find information about soil remediation and PFAS treatment systems for wastewater.


Anthony KollaschAbout the Author: Tony Kollasch utilizes his background in geological engineering and geology to link investigation and remediation solutions that prevent the impact on natural resources and the environment. He has over 23 years of geology and engineering experience, and his technical expertise emphasizes site assessment for case closure and redevelopment of properties. Project experience includes environmental due diligence, including Phase 1 and Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), brownfields redevelopments, UST closure assessments, and site characterization and remediation. Mr. Kollasch has an MBA and a Bachelor’s degree in Geological Engineering and Geology, and Geophysics.