Highlights from SCS Engineers Dialogue with the EPA, RETA Breeze, December 2015

The previous three articles printed in the RETA Breeze, PSM/RMP Compliance Section presented an interview with the US EPA regarding the Risk Management Program (RMP), which is part of the Clean Air Action 40 CFR Section 112(r).

Mary Wesling and Robert Lucas both from Region 9 of the EPA answered questions posed by Jake Tilley of SCS Engineers, Tracer Division. Ms. Wesling has served as the Enforcement Coordinator for the RMP and EPCRA regulations for 17 years, while Mr. Lucas has 14 years experience and more than 260 RMP inspections under his belt. Jake Tilley is part of the SCS Engineers, Tracer Environmental team of RETA certified professionals who work with clients in food service and industrial food and beverage processing among other industries.



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