How to Plan and Design a Landfill Gas Collection System, MSW October 2017

Engineering ideas that allow landfill gas design engineers to get involved in the landfill design process early. That’s when considerations are made for landfill gas extraction elements before landfill gas collection is required, and in some cases, before waste is placed. There can be significant benefits, not the least of which is more efficient construction of gas collection elements such as leachate riser tie-ins and exterior header piping.

Gas system operators benefit by having fewer pumps to operate and maintain and shallower headers that are more easily accessible. Like many engineering concepts, the idea of planning ahead can lead to long term benefits for all the stakeholders at the landfill.

Authors: Daniel R. Cooper, P.E., is vice president with SCS Engineers, Jason Timmons, P.E., is a solid waste engineer with Sarasota County Florida Public Utilities, and Stephanie M. Liptak is a staff engineer with SCS Engineers.

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