Galen Petoyan

landfill fire containment

Galen Petoyan directs SCS’s nationwide Operations, Monitoring, and Maintenance (OM&M) practice. He has technical and management experience in environmental engineering, including design, construction, and operation of regulatory compliance systems and energy recovery facilities.
Practice Areas
Mr. Petoyan’s experience has primarily involved landfill gas (LFG) control and recovery; landfill fire containment, control, and emergency response; surface emission monitoring and control; odor detection and management; liquids management, including leachate collection, treatment, and disposal; volatile organic compound (VOC) vapor extraction and disposal; groundwater pump and treat; landfill post-closure monitoring, maintenance, and reporting; data management, validation, and reporting; remote telemetry; compliance auditing; and health and safety program deployment and implementation.
Mr. Petoyan is also responsible for implementing the firm’s technical review, quality assurance, health and safety, and compliance audit programs. Other remediation experience includes underground storage tank (UST) removal, dig-and-haul, and bioremediation cleanup of contaminated soil.