James Law

Mr. Law is a Vice President of SCS Engineers and our National Geotechnical Expert. He has over three decades of engineering and management experience in geotechnical engineering, solid waste management, landfill engineering, construction quality assurance (CQA) services, and subsurface soil investigation/exploration programs (including embankment and MSE Wall evaluation). He is a licensed Professional Engineer in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and Idaho. He belongs to several industry organizations, including ASCE, SWANA, USGBC, PENC, and is currently a Board Member of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA).
Mr. Law is experienced in closure design, LFG blower and flare foundation design, geotechnical and geosynthetic/soil material testing and analysis, resident/construction engineering and construction quality assurance services, project scheduling and construction cost estimate, foundation bearing/settlement analysis and design, liquefaction analysis, static and seismic slope stability analyses using STABL program, seismic permanent displacement analysis, geosynthetic reinforced slope, embankment and pavement design, writing of geotechnical soil reports, and construction completion certification reports.
Mr. Law’s solid waste management experience also includes landfill gas collection and utilization as alternate energy, LFG equipment procurement for overseas, material recovery facilities, solid waste transfer station facilities, aerobic bioreactor landfill remediation, bioreactor slope stability analysis, leachate recirculation evaluations in obtaining RD&D permit, and many other major permit amendments for alternate bottom liner (including final cover system) and leachate collection systems through performance equivalency demonstrations using HELP and MULTIMED modeling throughout US.
In 2012, he served as a panel judge at the US EPA’s Peer Review Panel Meeting for Grants: People, Prosperity, and the Planet – P3 – Phase II Competition in Washington D.C. for projects related to solid waste management, recycling and reused of materials, and the alternate renewable green energy sources. For the last 3 years since 2013, he served as a judge for the AAEES 2013 Excellence in Environmental Engineering & Science Awards E3 Competition, for entries in Research, Planning, Design, and Operations/Management categories. Other paper/publication review experience includes publishing papers at national and international conferences, as well as serving as a paper reviewer for the Editorial Board of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) on regular basis.
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