Stephanie Hill

Ms. Hill is a Professional Geologist licensed in the state of Illinois and she leads the St. Louis office for SCS Engineers. She is a key member of the Deep Well and Underground Injection Control practice. Her experience includes permitting and regulatory compliance for underground injection control and coal mining, hydrologic investigations, and identifying large scale environmental impacts to surface and groundwater resources from various industry practices.
Prior to joining SCS, Ms. Hill served as a deputy director and manager of regulatory engineers and geoscientists with the Railroad Commission of Texas (Surface Mining and Reclamation Division).
Altogether, she has over two decades of environmental management experience. Ms. Hill has received numerous training certifications from the Department of Interior specifically for mine permitting, coalfield communications and cost estimation. She has participated in a work group centered on efficient management and disposal of coal combustion residuals at state-regulated surface coal mines in compliance with the US Environmental Protection Agency’s draft rules.
Ms. Hill has worked to permit, design and maintain several underground injection wells, more than 200 coal mining permit applications, and numerous storm water management and environmental monitoring projects. Many of her summaries and findings have been published as part of public record. She has directed several site assessments and investigations to include field work, research, report preparation and presentation, and expert testimony in administrative court settings.