Brownfields – Reliance Steel and Aluminum Company, Deep Soil Mixing

SCS Engineers provided environmental remediation services for an industrial site located Deep soil mixingin Vernon, California. The work was performed on an expedited basis in order to meet a deadline for property transfer.

Remedial activities were completed using a unique, innovative excavation and treatment process referred to as “deep soil mixing,” which involved drilling a large screw-shaped auger, measuring four feet in diameter and equipped with hollow mixing bars, into the subsurface to a targeted zone of contamination. A cement mixture was then poured through the mixing bars, creating a concentrated blend of wet cement and contaminated soil. After several days, the mixture is solidified, encapsulating the contaminants in place.

It is estimated that the utilization of deep soil mixing decreased the project cost by hundreds of thousands of dollars, as compared to traditional excavation techniques, such as shoring.