Landfill Construction – Ponderosa Landfill, Laredo, Texas

ponderosa landfillThe scope of services performed by SCS Engineers for Regional Land Management Services, the operator of the Ponderosa Landfill, includes:

  • Greenfield landfill permit application that included landfill design, hydrogeologic characterization and all aspects of the permit application, including a Landfill Gas Management Plan and a Leachate Management Plan, and the applicable geological and groundwater monitoring and reporting attachments.
  • Engineering design for a compost facility.
  • Prepared a Site Operating Plan consistent with TCEQ’s most recent protocol and will preserve optimal flexibility for the landfill’s manager.
  • Performed construction-phase engineering services, including construction quality assurance and liner certifications for the first Type I MSW landfill and future Class 1 waste landfill cells.
  • Prepared construction plans, specifications and bid documents for the initial cell construction, entrance roads and facilities, drainage ditches and ponds, fencing, leachate forcemain and storage.
  • Permit modification and engineering design to accept Class 1 waste.
  • Assisted with financial planning to obtain financing for construction and equipment.
  • Assisted with heavy equipment selection and purchase.
  • Assisted with hiring of the site manager.
  • Provided assistance with implementing and documenting the SWPPP.
  • Provide ongoing training to staff operators regarding compliance issues.
  • Provide ongoing operations assistance.