Waste Characterization – Solid Waste Generation Base-Year Study, Ontario, California

The city of Ontario retained SCS Engineers to conduct a waste generation study for the purpose of establishing a new base-year. The City chose not to extrapolate any data obtained in order for the study to be acceptable by California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB). A new 2003 base-year diversion rate of 60 percent was submitted to the CIWMB for its approval.

Project tasks included:

  • review of disposal data from the Disposal Reporting System and landfills
  • diversion analysis, including surveys of recycling facilities, construction/demolition debris and greenwaste recycling facilities, government agencies, and schools.
  • quality assurance and control of commercial waste assessments conducted by City staff
  • review of municipal collection reports, composting of sludge from wastewater treatment facility, and aggregate tonnage from drop-off centers and programs within Ontario
  • preparation of certification forms and supporting documentation submitted to CIWMB
  • preparation of project report